The Transition Committee met for its fourth meeting of 2016 on 8 November to continue its oversight of the transition of the NSW Institute of Psychiatry (NSWIOP) to the Health Education and Training Institute (HETI).

The NSW Mental Health Commissioner, John Feneley, congratulated the NSWIOP Executive Director, Rhonda Loftus and the staff from the NSWIOP and HETI on achieving the successful approvals from the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Association (TEQSA). These were for accreditations of both Frameworks in Psychiatric Medicine and Applied Mental Health Studies, along with the entity registration of HETI as a higher education provider. It was noted that the maximum 7 year period was awarded for both Frameworks and the entity registration.

The Committee was informed that the last stage of the transition was now in progress with the repeal of the NSW Institute of Psychiatry Act 1964 having been passed in the spring session of the NSW Parliament. The committee was advised that the enactment of the repeal legislation has been timed to commence after HETI receives accreditation and NSWIOP completes the 2016 academic year. The proclamation is being progressed with an enactment date expected to be 1 January 2017.

The Committee was apprised of the progress of a 2016 review that was undertaken of the Fellowship Program that had been commissioned by the NSWIOP on behalf of the Ministry of Health. It was noted that an implementation group will be convened in early 2017 to coordinate the implementation of these recommendations.

The NSWIOP Annual Report 2015-16 was tabled as the last NSWIOP Annual Report. The document outlined the development work undertaken over the previous twelve months and other work delivered to the mental health sector. The report is available at Annual Report 2015 / 2016.

The Committee discussed the progress of the Transition Action Plan and noted that the majority of tasks were now complete. In January 2017, a meeting of the Transition Committee will be held to plan how the Minister for Mental Health will be apprised of the progress and to wrap up the transition oversight by the Mental Health Commission.