The Mental Health Act . . .

Mental health act guidebook

The DOH Mental Health Act info bulletin - The DOH Mental Health Act info bulletin.

The Mental Health Act 2007 may be viewed here - having cliked this link click the 'M' link under the 'Acts' category then select the 'Mental Health' Act link

The Mental Health Act 2007 Regulations - download

Carer and Consumer Information Bulletin - download

Key Changes Brochure - download

List of Private Hospitals with Mental Health Class – download

Community mental health facility gazettals with_premises and gazette dates - download

Emergency Depts Gazette 13 Nov 09 - download

Inpatient Declared Mental Health Facility gazettals with ward details current gazette dates - download

The Accredited Person's Handbook - download

Mental Health Act 2007 review: Discussion paper, December 2012 - download

Gazettal - RPA Prof Marie Bashir Centre - download

Gazettal - Murrumbidgee LHD - download