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The Executive Committee is pleased to invite proposals for presentation at the Advances in Clinical Supervision Conference to be held 5 June - 6 June 2013 in Sydney Australia. The Conference provides a forum for clinicians, educators, managers and researchers to address the current state of knowledge and skills in the education, practice and evaluation of clinical supervision across allied and mental health disciplines. Online submissions open 1 December 2012 and close 22 February 2013 (midnight AEST). Please click here - abstract submissions - for more information.

Submissions are welcome for the following presentation areas in supervision:

Attachment Individual supervision
Balint Legal challenges
Best practice supervision Live supervision
CBT Managerial
Challenges Medical
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Mentoring
Coaching Multimedia
Communication Narrative
Culture and diversity Narrative
Cyber- supervision Peer supervision
Drug and Alcohol Process issues
Ethics Psychotherapy
Evaluation Psychotherapy
Family therapy Research
Family Therapy Rural and remote
Feedback Student supervision
General Counselling Supervision of Supervisors
General Practice Systems
Gestalt Training
Group supervision Welfare